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1 September 2012

Air Medal

Silver Medal of Valor
# of Awards

Bronze Medal of Valor
# of Awards

Distinguished Service
# of Awards

Exceptional Service
# of Awards

Meritorious Service
# of Awards

Commander's Commendation
# of Awards
w/Bronze Star
w/Silver Star

Achievement Award
# of Awards

Lifesaving Award
w/Silver Star

National Commanders
Unit Citation
# of Awards

Unit Citation
# of Awards
Senior Program Awards
National Commander Citation

Gill Robb Wilson Award
Bronze Star (ACSC)
Silver Star (AWC)

Paul E. Garber
Bronze Star (SOS)

Grover Loening

# Bronze Stars (Senior)
# Silver Stars (Master)

Aerospace Education Awards
A. Scott Crossfield

Gen  Charles W. Yeager Aerospace Achievement
Cadet Program Achievements
      Cadet Officer School

Certificate of Proficiency

Frank Borman Falcon

Gen Carl A. Spaatz

Ira C. Eaker

Amelia Earhart

Gen Billy Mitchell

Neil Armstrong

Dr. Robert H Goddard
Mitchell w/Rocketry Badge

Gen Jimmy Doolittle

Charles A. Lindbergh

Capt Eddie Rickenbacker

Wright Brothers

Mary Feik

Gen Hap Arnold

Gen J. F. Curry
Service and Training Ribbons
Command Service
Bronze Star (Group Cmdr)
Silver Star (Wing Cmdr)
Gold Star (Region Cmdr)
2 Gold Stars (Natl Cmdr)

AFA Award to
Unit Cadet of the Year

AFSA Award to Unit Cadet NCO of the Year

VFW Award to Unit Cadet Officer of the Year

VFW Award to Unit Cadet NCO of the Year

Red Service
# of Years

# of Awards
"Propeller" Device

Search and Rescue
# of Awards
"Propeller" Device

# of Awards

Disaster Relief
# of Awards
"V" Device

Homeland Security
# of Awards

Cadet Orientation Pilot
# of Awards

Community Service
# of Awards

# of Awards

National Cadet Competition
# of Region Awards
# of National Awards

National Color Guard Competition
# of Region Awards
# of National Awards

Cadet Advisory Council
Bronze Star (Wing)
Silver Star (Region)
Gold Star (National)

Cadet Special Activities
# of Awards

# of Awards

Senior Recruiter
# of Awards

Cadet Recruiter
# of Awards

Wartime Service
WWII Service Awards
Antisubmarine Coastal Patrol

Southern Liaison Patrol

Tow-Targeting and Tracking


Forest Patrol

Missing Aircraft

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